Strategy and Planning

At Incredo Solutions, we invest the time to create partnerships with each of our clients, irrespective of the size of your business. By doing this, we ensure that your digital strategies are completely integrated with your business goals, your industry and the needs of your clients.

We know the importance of creating strategies that can be adapted to ever-changing technology. We monitor and critically evaluate every campaign so that we’re able to make timely changes to improve ROI when required.

We have built a team of experts and created a full-service agency that you can rely on. From experienced eCommerce professionals to experts in innovative social media, from effective content creators to trained digital auditors, your digital strategy and planning is in good hands.

Our range of services is designed to help you optimise your marketing activities and efficiently invest your resources in the areas that will help you achieve your business goals.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Do you have a clear digital strategy in place for your business? Is it integrated into your overall marketing plan?

Having a well-considered digital strategy is key to your online success. We focus on creating measurable digital strategies that are in line with your long term marketing goals. This digital strategy will help you:

  • Identify your online opportunities
  • Clearly define your value proposition
  • Segment and target your audience

This document will then act as a digital roadmap that allows you to track, measure and tweak your marketing spend.

eCommerce Strategy

According to the NAB Online Retail Sales Index 2015, mobile commerce is growing at more than 40% annually. According to a survey by Forrester Research, the web influenced more than 53% of all retail sales.

We create eCommerce strategies that help your business capitalise on the opportunities in this rapidly growing market. From planning and logistics to social media and mobile technology, we have the expertise and capabilities to deliver an eCommerce strategy that is scalable and suits your resources and budget.

eCommerce Strategy
Social Media

Social Media Strategy

We help brands develop a clearly defined voice that cuts through the noise on social media and creates real connections with clients. We do this by understanding your goals and creating measurable objectives to achieve them. We help you by:

  • identifying and segmenting customers
  • conducting a competitor analysis
  • choosing the right channels
  • developing targeted messages

We keep the social media strategy aligned with your overall content strategy so that your communication is timely, relevant and suited to the channels that you are using.

Content Strategy

With an aim to engage audiences, convert leads and increase sales, we create powerful, goal-driven content strategises. We help brands and businesses to:

  • inform and educate ideal clients
  • establish subject matter expertise
  • inspire trust amongst clients

Sharing fresh or relevant content when your audience needs it is what gives your brand an edge over your competitors.

Content Strategy
Project Scoping & Functional Specs

Project Scoping & Functional Specifications

Adhering to best practices in project management, your dedicated project manager will define the scope and clearly communicate the functional specifications of the project. This is crucial to managing the time and costs of completing the project.

We do this by:

  • Defining the deliverables
  • Specifying requirements
  • Identifying potential risks and bottlenecks
  • Regularly communicating progress to all stakeholders

The successful delivery of a project is strongly dependent on the scoping and we take every care to see that it is done with maximum clarity and efficiency.

Digital Audits

A digital audit looks at your online presence, across your website and social channels, and assesses its performance relative to competitors and industry benchmarks. This is an extremely effective way to:

  • measure your online performance
  • identify performance gaps between you and your competitors
  • tweak existing strategies in a timely fashion

Our digital audits will give you a clear picture of how you’re performing, and the areas on which you can focus to help you achieve your online goals.

Digital Audits
Information Architecture

Information Architecture

From creating sitemaps and designing intuitive navigation to writing useful metadata, we are able to create a structure for your website or app that makes it easy for your users to understand and navigate through the information.

Our designers, developers and content team are adept at information architecture within their respective areas of expertise.

This ensures a smooth user experience for your site visitors and app users and avoids frustrations and complaints. It ensures that your information is presented in the right way to the consumer, with a flow that maximises chances for conversion.

Stakeholder Interviews & Workshops

Forming the basis of our strategy and planning, we conduct in-depth stakeholder interviews and workshops to enhance the project effectiveness and maximise its success. These interviews and workshops are an extremely critical exercise that help to:

  • ensure clarity for the client and for Incredo Solutions
  • set mutually agreed upon objectives and expectations for the project
  • understand the project from each stakeholder’s perspective

Conducting these interviews at strategic times before and during the project can mean the difference between success and failure of the project.

Stakeholders Interview & Workshops

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