SEO: Keywords Aren’t That Important

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Disclaimer: All the information in this blog has been derived from and summarised in a simple format for all to understand. 

Whenever the subject of the infamous SEO is brought up most of us default to thinking about keyword research, backlinks and domain authority. What if those particular parts to SEO don’t play as big of a role as we think? From over 200,000 data points analysed they discovered exactly that. In a recent study, they cracked the Hummingbird algorithm and examined over 9 million keywords. They found that the top-ranked blogs did not have high keyword saturation, keyword representation or high-DA(domain authority) backlinks.

So if keywords and backlinks weren’t as well represented, how were they ranking so well? They had strong topic coverage, few gaps in topics and comprehensive content within each of their chosen topic categories. In short, they had really strong content, instead of a really strong link profile.

As it would seem, Google is looking for topic relevance over keyword matches. Google semantically analyses topic relevancy to provide the best results. When you look at the data that Neil Patel has gathered, it is clear that Google ranks for topics and not keywords.

This doesn’t mean you should ditch your keywords altogether; they still help with your SEO. You can bury your competitors though if you combine keyword research and topic research together.

To read the full in-depth analysis, click here.


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