Monitoring your website and app’s performance is important for a number of reasons. It not only helps you find areas of improvement, it also helps you create new opportunities for growth.

A smoothly functioning website means that you get found quickly, minimise customer frustration and reduce any chance of being penalised by Google for a slow or poorly functioning site.

At Incredo Solutions, we have the ability to monitor your website’s performance, irrespective of the analytics platform you’re using. We provide clear and effective reporting that gives you usable insights to sharpen your performance.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Understanding your visitors and how they interact with your site is essential to your being able to retain, engage and convert them. Our analytics and reporting team are able to work across a variety of analytics platforms and provide you with insights that will help you:

  • take informed decisions based on facts and trends
  • understand your visitors behaviour and target them better
  • identify new or missed opportunities of engagement

We can deliver standardised reports based on your analytics platform, or can create customised reports.

Dashboard Development

Our high quality dashboard and design development ensures that our clients receive their web analytics reports in a format that is easy to understand. It helps us to:

  • develop and deliver reports that are exactly as per our client’s needs
  • gain insights that are based on the most important metrics
  • effectively monitor data through a visually clear and attractive dashboard

Our dashboard development services are applicable to any analytics platform our clients use.

Dashboard Development

Protect and enhance the image of your business with a quality website that functions smoothly. Find out how our performance analytics and reporting services can help.

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