IT Services

Our certified IT technicians provide services that are perfectly suited to the size and nature of your operations.

From web hosting and performance audits to network architecture and on-call support, our specialised suite of services is designed to meet your business’ technology needs.

By outsourcing your IT support needs to us, you are assured of services that are perfectly integrated with your web solutions.

Hosting & Support

Hosting & Support

Choose from our range of flexible support packages which allow you to select a solution based on your needs, budget and hardware. With Incredo Solutions you can be confident of a package that:

  • is rich in features and add-ons
  • has scalability and can grow to match your needs
  • is priced competitively

Our reputable services and friendly tech support team are here to ensure that your site is always up and running.

Network Architecture

Even in a small business setup, if your office has multiple computers you can benefit from network architecture. By connecting all office computers to a Local Area Network (LAN) you can enjoy:

  • centralised information storage
  • easy coordination and sharing of resources
  • get the benefits of a shared printer, centralised internet security and more

Our team is able to advise you on the setup that will be most beneficial to your business.

Network Architecture
Site Performance Audit

Site Performance Audits

Whether you’ve identified a problem with your website that you want to solve or you need an expert to audit your site and find issues that are affecting your performance, our team will deliver. We make this happen through:

  • industry benchmarking
  • conducting a thorough investigation
  • interpreting the data and presenting usable suggestions

We isolate the problems that need to be solved to help you achieve your website goals.

Support Retainer

If you only have occasional need for IT services, our support retainer might be the perfect solution. This has monetary advantages for the growing business, such as:

  • you only pay for a pre-decided number of service hours
  • have access to our professionals for trouble-shooting
  • set up preventative maintenance checks

While a support retainer won’t give you access to our team’s 24/7 care, it can be an effective first step towards a more integrated and strategic IT solution as your company grows.

Support Retainer
On Call Support

On-Call Support

Whether you’re a big e-Commerce site during Christmas shopping season or a small business who gets most of its leads online, you’re in safe hands with our on-call support. You can rely on:

  • 24/7 access to our team
  • trained personnel who know your business and systems
  • technology solutions that match your needs

When you partner with Incredo Solutions, you will feel secure, as will your website.

Cloud Hosting

Hosting your website in the cloud i.e. on a virtual server that is accessible online, allows you and your team to seamlessly store and edit information, coordinate on tasks and communicate with team members across geographic locations. A cloud-hosted system means that:

  • you have unlimited storage
  • your operations can easily be scaled up
  • you can enjoy unlimited processing power

Talk to one of our experts about our cloud hosting solutions for your business.

Cloud Hosting
IT Support L1 & L2

IT Support L1 & L2

Whether you’re looking for L1 – helpdesk or call centre support by trained individuals – or L2 – second line support by experienced technicians – Incredo Solutions’ IT support has you covered. While L1 and L2 will include very different levels of support, you can be assured of:

  • high quality of care by people with relevant experience
  • documented history for future reference
  • escalation procedures to protect your interests

With Incredo Solutions, you can count on being served by people who care about your issues and are driven to resolve them.

Set up and maintain a strong online presence that truly works.
Contact us to find out more about our IT services.

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