Why Followers Don’t Matter

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When judging the success of a business’s social media presence or “success,” the first metric everyone will look at will be the amount of followers they have. Sure, having a tonne of followers are always good for social proof, but that doesn’t prove much when it comes to converting those fans.

After all, that’s what matters right? As a business you want to be getting more customers from your social media efforts, you aren’t allocating personnel and time just to entertain people. So if likes don’t matter, what does?


You have probably heard of the saying “Content is King” in the blogging world for ages. Well, “Engagement is King” is what works in the social media world. Engagement is interaction, people liking, comment, share or clicking on links. If you are getting a high level of engagement, it’s because you are posting content that is bringing value to people and not just selling to them.

What Numbers Do Matter?

In a world, that’s now full of big data where figures and metrics are behind everything. Followers mean absolutely nothing to your business unless those fans are engaging with your content. Liking, sharing, commenting and clicking is what should matter to your business. If your audience is engaging with your post, that will mean you have most likely brought them value for them to sit there and consume your content then acknowledge that.

80/20 Rule

80% of all your updates and content should be all about your reader – entertain them, educate them and inform them.

The other 20% should be about your product and services. Your shiny new product, your webinar, your special offer and your business.

Find out what works and go with it.


Experiment with your content, find out what works for your business. You need to have fun with it as well; you may even be surprised as to what works. And so what if a video of a cat dressed as a shark sitting on a robotic vacuum cleaner has nothing to do with your business – if it makes people engage with you, like you and remembers you, why not?

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