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Set up Gmail POP account in Apple Mail

By default, Apple will setup your Gmail account as IMAP when you enter your Gmail address and password. However, if you prefer Gmail as POP, you have to manually setup the account. If you already have the account started as IMAP you must delete this account and create a new account as POP. You cannot change the settings on an IMAP account and make it POP.

Click here for Steps to Enable POP in Gmail.

1. Open Apple Mail.

1.1. If no email accounts have been configured in Apple Mail, it will start directly with the set-up wizard.

1.2. If there are existing accounts in Apple Mail, you can select Mail -> Add Account… from the menu bar.

2. Select Add Other Mail Account and click Continue… not Google.

3. The Add a Mail Account screen will appear.

In the Full Name field enter the name you would like to appear on the messages you send.

In the Email Address field enter the email address you are configuring.

In the Password field enter the current password for this particular address.

Click the Create button.


4. The Incoming Mail Server Info screen will appear.

It will default to IMAP. Select POP

Change to

Enter full email address and password.

Click Next.

Select Use SSL Port 995; Authentication > Password and click Next.


5. The Outgoing Mail Server Info screen will appear.

Set SMTP Server:

Enter full email address and password.

Click Create.

Select Use SSL, Port 465; Authentication > Password and click Create.

Verify Settings:

Incoming:  Verify your results in the main account window for outgoing settings. If you make any changes in this window under any of the tabs, you need to click out of the window and select SAVE before the changes are saved.

Outgoing:  Outgoing Mail Server SMTP:  select Edit SMTP Server list

Select account in the list. (It’s not uncommon to find extra SMTP servers listed. When you remove account, Mail does not delete the smtp info. You might need to do some clean up in the list to remove any extras.)


Enter name for account Gmail POP under Account information.

Click on Advanced tab. Verify your settings.

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