email marketing for ecommerce

Email Marketing for eCommerce

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Generating purchases from email marketing is an essential component of any eCommerce store. Utilising email marketing helps eCommerce stores to generate high-quality leads and keep them engaged. A well-organised email campaign can complement small to enterprise level eCommerce businesses.

Once you have built a decent sized email list, start marketing to them. These tools will let you organise email campaigns efficiently. All you need to do is upload your email list, create a campaign and send it off. These tools will also allow you to segment your email lists, customise email look and feel and access detailed analytical reports.


MailChimp is the most popular email provider, offering plans for free and subscriptions starting at $10/mth. To get access to the important features such as A/B testing, auto-responder and functions that help prevent your emails getting taken by spam folders, you will need the paid version.

MailChimp’s rise to popularity in the email marketing community can be attributed to the easy to use interface and friendly email editor. You can develop eye-catching templates without having any knowledge of HTML or other coding languages. The software helps write killer subject lines to accompany your excellent newsletter, we all know how important a good subject line is to getting readers actually to read your email.

MailChimp also comes equipped with analytical features the provide deep insight into how well your marketing campaigns are working. Advanced reporting reveals critical information such as click rates, open rates, bounced email numbers, unsubscribes and abuse report figures.

MailChimp integrates seamlessly with lots of other apps and services including Facebook, Magento, Shopify, Google Analytics and Twitter. Allowing you to synchronise all your data and contacts across platforms.



GetResponse is a SAAS email marketing service that comes equipped with a lot of the same features as MailChimp. The key differences are price, for $65 a month GetReponse will handle 7,000-10,000 emails in your database.

MailChimp currently handles this for $75 a month making  GetReponse $10/month cheaper. You also get a wider selection of responsive templates, advanced segmentation, tools for social sharing and a landing page creator.

In addition to this, it also has excellent auto-responder functionality, great functionality for split testing, a plethora or import options of your data. Where GetResponse exceeds is the reporting and analytics it provides are above that of other email marketing providers.

One of the reasons GetReponse may be a better fit for some companies is the extra functionality it offers. Automation is probably one of the biggest assets GetResponse carries. You have options to time email sending based on the readers opening habits or sending emails based upon actions taken by the email.

Campaign Monitor


Campaign Monitor is much the same as MailChimp and GetResponse, the price to send your email to 10,000 subscribers will be $129/mth. You’re looking at a steeper price for what would seem like better value from other providers. Campaign Monitor will offer phone support on their larger plans, and this is something that MailChimp won’t provide.

Campaign Monitor’s template builder tool ensures that your messages are easily made readable on mobile devices. As you build templates and email campaigns, Campaign Monitor inserts mobile optimisations to make the email look great on mobile devices. Before you send your campaign, you will give a screenshot of what your email will look like across 20 of the most popular email clients.

In a world driven by data, it goes without saying that you will want to know how your emails are performing and being able to put numbers to that is important. Campaign Monitor offers all the reporting features you could ask for, including:

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Opens, clicks and bounce
  • Social sharing
  • Subscriber snapshot like MailChimp

Campaign Monitor is one of the new players on the block in the email marketing game, but it seems like they have learned what makes a robust email marketing application.

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