Whether you need website, app or software development, we have the skill and experience to deliver. In addition to our off-the-shelf products, our team of programming experts can deliver custom-made solutions that meet your needs.

From smart customisation of the pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom software development as per your vision, Incredo Solutions is fully equipped to deliver cost-effective and reliable software solutions.

Web Development

Web Development

According to Deloitte Digital’s, ‘Navigating the New Digital Divide’ report, there is a 40% digital influence on in-store retail visits in Australia.

So whether you run an online store or a bricks-and-mortar store, a website is a non-negotiable part of your marketing efforts. Backed by research and consumer insights, we help your consumers to:

  • find useful information and solutions through your website
  • find your physical store or e-commerce page with ease
  • maximise satisfaction through an easy shopping experience

By observing buying behaviour and tracking the user journey on the website, we’re able to take advantage of new insights to continuously improve your services to your clients.

App Development

Irrespective of the industry you’re in, your business can benefit from having a mobile app. It allows your customers to have all relevant information about your company and your products available at their fingertips. Our team focusses on developing apps that help our clients:

  • build and reinforce brand recognition and loyalty
  • connect with consumers anywhere and at any time
  • increase visibility and accessibility

In turn, it helps your customers get in touch with you easily, be updated about your new products and share their reviews with other users in your online community.

App Development
Software Development

Software Development

Our customised software solutions are designed to help businesses achieve their goals. We know that every business is unique and an off-the-shelf product may not be able to meet your requirements. The advantages include:

  • integration with other processes within your business
  • easy maintenance and support that does not depend on the software supplier
  • reduced longterm costs as there are no licenses to be periodically renewed

One of the greatest advantages of custom software development is that our clients are able to request changes or tweaks during the app development process.

System Integration Projects

With increasing online collaboration and cloud services, system integration has never been more important for the forward-thinking organisation. We work closely with you to determine the strategy and to decide on the deliverables.

We take care to:

  • use versatile and relevant integration tools
  • monitor capabilities and progress
  • discuss possible roadblocks so they can be dealt with as early as possible

System integration is a strategic investment of time and money that adds great value to your company.

System Integration
Web App Development

Web App Development

A web application has a number of advantages over desktop applications. For one, users only need an internet connection to access it; they do not need to have the app already installed on their desktop. This makes this solution:

  • scalable, flexible and easy to access
  • customisable to different groups of users as well as to different browsing devices
  • easy to install, maintain and keep secure

At Incredo Solutions, we create web-based apps to suit the size and budget of our clients’ businesses.

Contact us today to find out more about our customisable web and app development services.

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