Creative Services

Our specialist creative services help you make a powerful first impression that keeps your community of existing and prospective customers coming back for more. Whether you’re looking for a banner ad, an email campaign or an elaborate eCommerce site, we will deliver.

Our experienced designers and developers work closely with you to ensure that your website, apps and marketing collateral have the look and functionality you desire. With our in-depth knowledge of UI/ UX and usability, we will create a responsive design that best presents your message.

As with all our services, our creative solutions are based on your goals. We will ensure the consistency of your brand and messaging through design. We will also deliver a solution that perfectly integrates with your online and offline branding efforts.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), when done right, form the pillars of an intuitive, conversion-focussed website.

  • UI design focuses on creating the right look of your website.
  • UX focuses on creating the right feel of a product.

Our designers will create a UI that is integrated with your brand and helps your customers interact easily with your website or app, and UX that is effective and enjoyable to use.

Wire Framing

Wireframes, created for key pages of the site, demonstrate the placement and size of page elements by taking into account the website goals and the desired user journey.

The first step in our process is the creation of a wireframe or layout based on the sitemap that has been determined. The advantages of wireframing are many:

  • it presents the basic structure of a page for sign-off before the visual content is added
  • it is quicker and cheaper to amend the structure of pages at this stage
  • it gives our clients and our designers the confidence of knowing they’re on the same page

When you choose Incredo to build your website, you can be assured of a strong design foundation.



A prototype refers to an interactive mock-up of a website that allows you to see and experience the site before it goes live. We create prototypes so that you can:

  • see the final product before launch
  • get a feel for the website and see how the navigation works
  • provide us with feedback about any changes you’d like to make

This valuable tool helps you save time and money during the development stage of the project.

Usability Testing & Research

Due to a large number of competing websites and apps, there is an extremely narrow window of time in which to get your visitor to stay. By conducting usability testing and research at key points in the project, we are able to:

  • evaluate how easily the user is able to achieve their goals on the website
  • spot issues and difficulties that can be corrected before the site goes live
  • give our clients an edge over the competition

By ensuring that your website is easy to use, we increase user satisfaction and avoid loss of revenue from losing users to competing websites.

Usability Testing & Research
Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design

As an increasing number of users use smart phones and tablets to seek information on-the-go, it’s imperative that your site layout is able change to fit the screen that it is being viewed on. We create mobile-friendly and responsive websites that:

  • best present your product information to users
  • lead to better search engine rankings
  • save you time by ensuring that you have only one website to edit and update

Responsive sites are fluid and will scale to fit the screen size of devices in the future, as well.

Interface Design

At Incredo Solutions, we combine our design acumen and consumer behaviour insights to create websites that look good, are easy to use and help your customers achieve their goals. Our team of designers and developers are extremely skilled at:

  • communicating your brand message in the most effective way
  • creating interface design based in detailed research and planning
  • ensuring responsive design that suits desktops, mobiles and tablets

We create design that your clients will enjoy interacting with.

Interface Design
User Journey

User Journey Development

Whether they’re seeking information, want to speak to you directly or want to make a purchase, a carefully developed user journey will help your clients achieve their goals without frustration. When we plan user journeys, we:

  • take the time to understand your users and create profiles for them
  • map out a journey that helps them achieve their goals quickly
  • build the website’s features and functionality to enhance the user journey

By approaching user journey development as another tool with which to achieve your goals, we are able to create a purpose-driven websites.

Mobile Design

With a dramatic increase in mobile users since the advent of wireless technology, mobile design is an integral part of a business’ digital presence. When we design for mobile, we aim to:

  • create new kinds of experiences for your customers
  • create simple, effective designs that are equipped to function well even with slow networks
  • optimise content and functionality to suit the limited screen space

We design solutions that are aimed at increasing user engagement with your mobile site or app.

Mobile Design
Banner Ad Design

Banner Ad Design

Banner ads have evolved to be an effective tool in a digital marketers arsenal. When done right, they are no longer considered to be an annoying intrusion, but are viewed as a relevant source of information. We create banner ads that:

  • make use of rich media such as animations and slideshows
  • look attractive and make an impact without slowing loading times
  • create brand recognition and keeps you top-of-mind for your consumers

By monitoring user interaction and clicks, we are able to create well-targeted banner ads.

Email Campaign Design

Email campaigns continue to be one of the best ways to generate leads and create a strong, engaged community of subscribers. Our team is able to design email campaigns that:

  • are optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet screens
  • can be uploaded to your email marketing system for lead collection and nurturing
  • are conversion-focussed

We advise our clients on the importance of planning their email campaigns in advance so that the content calendar can be planned taking these campaigns into account.

Email Campign Design

Contact us today to find out how our creative services can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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