How to Convert Website Visitors to Paying Customers

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You may be getting thousands of visitors to your site daily, but what does that mean if very few are converting to paying customers. Follow the below steps and you will be converting visitors to customers in no time.

1. Get Their Attention12733-nom3sg

Just because someone lands on your website you can’t automatically assume you have their attention. As soon as a potential
customer lands on your website they will start judging a book by its cover per say, and use that to base a decision as to whether or not they engage with your business.

Instead of deploying a page with text all over the place, images, and widgets that appear chaotic, take an organised
approach. Keep the information uncluttered and clearly segmented to make the information easily digestible for the visitor, combined with simple menus and navigation so the visitor can find the information they are after.

Visitors will decide in seconds whether your website is worthy of their time to stay and learn about what you have to offer.

2. Engage Visitors

handsSo your website has now captured the attention of the visitor, what next? You want to make sure they can find the information they need to be confident in what you offer.

That means learning what the visitor wants to know and making sure it features prominently. Minimise the navigation to prevent the visitor from becoming impatient with not being able to find what they need before taking action.

Be sure to remember that visitors will be using a range of devices from computers to mobile phones to tablets when visiting your website. Ensure your website is optimized for different screen sizes. An easy solution to this is to make sure your website is responsive (meaning the site automatically will adjust to the screen of the user).

3. Ask for the sale13360-nowt5w

If your visitor has made it this far, you need to capitalise. In the world of sales, you need to know when a good time to ask for a sale is. On your website, this is the same. There needs to be a clear CTA (call to action) for the visitor to take the next step. We recommend anything low commitment here such as “Get a free quote”, “Enquire”, “Sign up for….”. The exception to the low commitment rule is if you offer a low-cost consumer item such as small appliances or apparel where you want to be asking for the purchase.


Optimizing your website for conversion is an ongoing process, as consumer trends change so should your website to make sure you are capitalizing on as many visitors as possible.

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