7 Ways To Market Your Website

7 Ways To Market Your Website

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You’ve just finished designing your beautiful website, you’ve finished all the content needed and it’s good to go. You launch it and you’re left with one big problem…..You need traffic to it now. How do you go about getting this traffic? Unfortunately, people don’t automatically know to go to your website. But you can try and attract traffic to your site, here are some good ways to do that


  1. Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools a business has at its finger tips. As a business, you get the opportunity to reach out to more customers than possible through any other medium. The best part? To use these platforms doesn’t cost a dime.


Social media gives you an opportunity to interact with your audience, for businesses that don’t have a brick and mortar business this is essential. Social media is also a great way to manage online reputation. A lot of businesses are afraid that a larger social media presence can ruin their reputation due to disgruntled customers taking their frustration to your Facebook page. This needs to be seen as an opportunity for everyone else to see how you deal with customer service and resolve issues. If I am to be a customer and I can see they actively resolve any customer issues, I am more likely to buy into what they are selling.


  1. Email Marketing

Gone are the days of 90%+ open rates, but email marketing is still a great channel to market your website. It has gotten a bad rap over recent years due to mass-spamming. If used correctly, it still has one of the best ROI rates compared to other methods of inbound marketing.


You first of all need to get a mailing list, one of the best ways to generate this is through a free give away which requires the user’s email address to receive the free product or service. Your subsequent emails should be used to direct customers to your website for different reasons. Don’t go and buy an email list and become one of those spammers


  1. Content

As the old saying goes; Content is King. Once you have traffic to your website you have won half the battle, the second part is to convert them. By providing good content and copy on your website you establish yourself as a reputable source for your industry. This can be the difference between a customer going with you or a competitor. If I’m a female clothing e-commerce store, I would want a blog where through posts I would communicate that my business understands the latest fashion trends and that we stock those latest trends.


  1. PPC(Adwords)

Pay-Per-Click(PPC) can be one of the best ways to get your website in front of people’s eyes. As the term would hint towards, you pay per click you receive. You place a bid amount in terms of the amount of visibility you want, and then you will pay a certain price per click. This can be a great method of generating inbound customers.



  1. Youtube/Video Marketing

Video is an important force for marketing at the moment and Youtube is leading the way, being the platform of choice. Video has been shown to be more engaging and increase conversion in comparison to other forms of content.


Most businesses are under the impression that these videos can cost a fortune to produce, which can be true to a degree. These videos don’t need to be Hollywood production quality; they simply need to provide great content. If you can bring great value to your audience, the quality of the actual video is negligible. By all means, if you can afford Steven Spielberg to direct your next video then go for it. But, you need to make it relevant to your audience and make sure you are bringing them value through great content.



  1. Paid Advertising

Most of the major social media platforms offer some form of paid advertisement, allowing you to reach a wider audience and attract more customers. These ads operate in a similar manner to Google Adwords, in that they are generally PPC or PPM(pay per 1000 impressions). The greatest thing about these platforms is that their paid advertising is very similar to the early years of Google Adwords, in that it is highly undervalued at this point in time. We can expect to see that value decrease over the next 24 months. Paid adverts on social media also allow you to target your audience in a more specific fashion then Adwords.



  1. Remarketing


Speaking of targeting audiences, why not remarket to people that have already visited your site? Placing a tracking cookie on your visitor’s browser so while they are browsing other places around the web they will receive your advertisements. This method has been used for a while now and with good reason. This method is really effective for e-commerce businesses where the cost of items is relatively low when compared to say some B2B services.



With this all said and done though, your marketing will only be as good as your product or service. If you have a low-quality product or service your marketing won’t be of much help. On the flip side, if you are confident in your product and your marketing resembles that you are likely to completely crush the market and generate more sales for your business!

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