5 Website Design Trends of 2016

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Web design is constantly evolving with UI designers relentlessly trying to create new designs and push the confines of web design, then we have the developers that then need to make that conception work. Very similar to the architect-engineer relationship. We have put together a list of 5 of the web design trends that have dominated 2016

1.The Hamburger Menu

You know that little symbol that looks like three lines on top of each other (It also looks like a hamburger). If you use the internet on a daily basis you should be familiar with it. If you’re not, please see below.

Burger Menu Design

This change has become popular due to another trend in minimalism with websites. We can also attribute it to the staggering increase in mobile internet consumption in recent years.


2.The Looooonnngggggg Scroll

Heatmap service provider ClickTale analysed almost 100,000 page views. The result: people used the scrollbar on 76% of the pages, with 22% being scrolled all the way to the bottom regardless of the length of the page. That said, it’s clear that page top is still your most valuable screen estate. –Unfolding the Fold and ClickTale Scrolling Report and Part 2.

Another study states that 73% of people would rather scroll it get the information they are after than have to click on a link to get there (for mobile users). With numbers backing this trend it is no surprise people are leaning towards one-page website design and information jammed pages where you have the pleasure of scrolling.

3.The Flat Design

Flat design has been around for a while now and can be associated with other trends like responsive design, minimalism, and material design. All of these movements go hand in hand to help create a flat design which is both aesthetically pleasing and welcoming for users, long gone are the days of horrid websites (Refer to below).

Ugly Web Design

The Worlds Worst Website EVER!

4.Hero Images

No, not like wonder woman or batman. However, these images are big and commanding and they fight not for justice, but for your attention.

Hero images are a great way to grab a visitor’s attention. Incorporating hero images into websites has become more feasible as we see bandwidth increase and advancements in image compression


5.Background Videos and Animations

These are very similar to hero images in the sense that they are used to grab a visitor’s attention instantly. These images will be found behind a slider/carousel with information at the top of a website. Once again, this is all made possible thanks to improved bandwidth.

Where this really excels is it can allow visitors to see your product or service in action without having to read anything. A video is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.


In conclusion

Looking into the future we should see most of these trends continue and become common practice in web design. These trends may be implemented in different ways but they are here to stay.





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