5 Reasons to Use Facebook Ads NOW

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Facebook ads are the fastest growing advertising platform at the moment. In its current state resembles a lot of the early days of Google Adwords, before it became “good practice” to use Adwords for business. Ebay and Amazon were two of companies that jumped on the Google Adwords bandwagon early and committed to it, and now look at where they’re at.

Here are 5 of the reasons to be using Facebook Advertising for your business NOW before it’s too late. So you don’t get lost in all noise when other businesses finally catch on.


1.Massive Audience

Facebook currently has somewhere in the ballpark of 1.7 billion active monthly users as it stands. When it comes time to select your target audience you have a wide selection to choose from.


2. Targeted Advertising

Whether you want to target mothers aged between 30-40 or men 25-35 who are interested in Football, Facebook allows you to. There are an array of options for targeting users to prevent your marketing efforts going to waste. You can target based on demographics which is pretty standard, where it really excels compared to Adwords is the ability to target based on their behaviours and interests.


3. Objective Advertising

Facebook gives you a fair chunk of options when it comes to the objective of your ad, 13 to be exact. Some of the options are what you would be expecting such as brand awareness, page likes and click-throughs to a website.

What if you want to get increase installations of the new application you created for Android devices? Well, Facebook advertising will allow you to do exactly that. Some of the other great options when it comes to the objective of your ad are things like creating local awareness, lead generation, increasing video views and offer claims. For more information check out the information on Facebook.


4. Competitive Advantage

Although Facebook’s advertising platform is now recognised as a powerful marketing tool, many businesses aren’t taking advantage of it. As mentioned at the start Amazon and Ebay took advantage of Google Adwords and look at where they are now. If your competition isn’t deploying Facebook Advertising, don’t you have a massive advantage over them to gain customers you may not have had gotten otherwise?


5. Measurable and Cost Effective

Facebook ads are extremely measurable when it comes to working out what the return on investment(ROI) is. Facebook will give you all the insights you need to see what ROI you are getting from your ads. Using the array of information that Facebook provides you with allows you to see what is working based on your objectives and what isn’t. You will be provided with the essential data such as the cost per click, you will also be able to work out what the cost per like or cost per conversion. From the information, you can decide whether to increase or decrease your spend.

It would be fair to assume that Facebook advertising doesn’t have a place for B2B businesses. Rick the Director of a large Banking company will be on Facebook and you can market him your financial analysis software. There are a number of other platforms for businesses to invest their marketing spend on, Facebook is a clear winner at the moment and should be capitalized upon.




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