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3 Resources To Automate Your Marketing

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Having a well thought-out and planned marketing strategy is key to ensuring the long-term success of a business. It is also one of the first things that the wheels will fall off when other priorities build up. Automation can be the answer to ensuring that when it gets busy, you have a system that will take care of the mundane tasks while you take care of more important business.

Using marketing automation can be the best way to take care of the tasks that may either be time-consuming or quickly put on the back burner while you take care of other tasks.

1. Buffer

Social Media will be a significant portion of any marketing strategy, but it is also one of the most time consuming. Most businesses will be utilising anywhere from 2-5 social platforms to share their content, company updates and promotions.

Buffer social media posting automation

Schedule posts on social media ahead of time with Buffer

Buffer allows you to schedule ahead of time and map out your social posting. Buffer’s optimal timing tool will allow you to schedule your posts for when people are most active in your desired area. The time is selected based off when people in your city or country are most active on social media. But maybe your business has customers worldwide and these optimal times won’t be well suited for the whole of your audience, you can set custom times.

Buffer also contains a “content inbox” where you can add feeds from websites, and new content they post will appear in your content inbox. If you’re running dry on content and need to quick way to find some relevant industry news to share with your audience this makes it easy.

HootSuite and Sprout Social are alternatives to Buffer. We prefer buffer over the other options due to the easy to navigate interface, analytics and optimal posting time feature.

2. Get Response

You have probably heard of MailChimp or Campaign Monitor for sending out newsletters and email campaigns. Get Response does just that except they have an excellent automation/workflow capabilities built-in. Get Response allows you to create workflows to ensure a smooth customer experience. Get Response allows you to address visitors that may have abandoned the cart on your site, signed up for your newsletter and nurturing leads.


Get Response’s workflow automation platform

Having a workflow up to automate the sending of your emails can free up a lot of time, especially when you may have hundreds of email addresses added to your list each day. The visual workflow makes the customer journey easier to understand to ensure it’s set up correctly.

GetResponses auto responding function is stronger than that of its competitors with the range of actions you have to choose from and is a lot easier to set up in the first instant.

3. Raven

You know how at the end of the week or month you need to generate reports on how the marketing has been going? Well, Raven helps to solve this. Raven

Raven Tools Marketing Automation Platform

Preview of Raven Tools report generation tool

Raven automates, schedules and sends gorgeous marketing reports for you. All you need to do is set up the metrics you wish to measure, set the time you want to measure and select how you want to receive it.

Raven can pull a plethora of data from resources such as Facebook, Google Analytics, Twitter, Google Adwords, Email Marketing platforms and some built-in services that will measure your SEO’s effectiveness.


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